Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This beautiful tragedy is crashing into me ♫

I hardly ever get headaches. We're talking like once a month, MAYBE. In saying that, I've pretty much had an ongoing one since last Wednesday. It lessens every now and then, but I usually end up going to bed with it. Tonight is no exception, and I would like for someone to please come over and smash my skull with a sledge hammer. I don't think it's too much to ask. Do you? I even slowly got into bed (moving makes it pound worse), shut my eyes and hoped I could slip out of consciousness for a little bit so as to relieve myself. Apparently THAT was too much to ask. I closed my eyes and started seeing brightly colored lines and weird designs, which made my headache worse. I wish medicine worked on me. I took 800mg of acetaminophen. I'll gladly take another 800mg and poison myself with ODing on it if I knew that it would cure my pain. Uhg.

I went to see my surgeon today for the first time in 2 months. My foot looks 100x better than it did the last time he saw it. I'm thinking that's because I've been going to physical therapy. They say that helps things, but, y'know, I could be wrong.

If you know me at all, you know how much I love and appreciate music. I listen to everything, and unlike most people that say "everything" but really only listen to the top popular 3-4 genres (top 40, rock, country, rap), I really do listen to everything. My old iPod (RIP) had over 12,000 songs and I lost track of how many genres. I had foreign songs (Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian), every genre of rock, oldies, jazz, instrumental, opera, techno, etc. I can find a handful of songs that are great in every genre. I don't think you truly love music if you only listen to one style of music. In saying that, however, I will always have a special love for anything rock... Ijust don't limit myself to only that.

Three of my favorite songs right now:
On a different subject, my tolerance and caring for a certain situation are growing thinner and thinner as each day passes with no change. I would say this saddens me, but like I've stated... I'm just becoming apathetic to it. It's a real shame, too.

Okay, I'm off to try and see if I can shut my eyes and attempt sleep without my headache stubbornly interfering. This white blog-post screen is not helping.

-Miss Sarcastic
P.S. ~ The damn street light is on outside my window again. *shakes fist*

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