Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Let there be no light.

So, my roommate and I moved into this duplex at the end of July. The first night we slept here, I noticed that the street light outside our duplex conveniently lit up my bedroom in the middle of the night. It was like the apocalypse was starting. Jesus was returning (<--I wish). It was quite lovely, let me tell you. I'm also too cheap to buy curtains, drapes, or loads of aluminum foil. I complained about it quite a bit that next day and my mom came in to the living room that night (she helped me move in), and started laughing and said, "Did you throw a rock at that light outside?" which led me to have two thoughts: 1) Yes, my aim is phenomenal and I threw a rock with great precision at a 10inch bulb from 30ft below, and 2) THE LIGHT IS OUT!? Sure enough, the light was out. It was like God was having mercy on my already terrible sleeping habits. The light stayed out for a good 10 days. Life was grand.

This leads me to the present. It's been on the last 4 or so days. Last night I actually considered sharpening my softball skills and showing the light who's boss. However, God must have had some more mercy... or the street light is haunted, you know, whichever. The light is out tonight! I'm so excited to sleep, you have no idea.

I have to actually sleep some tonight because I have an appointment tomorrow at 11am with my surgeon. I had major reconstructive surgery back on my right foot at the end of February after a bad car wreck. I saw the surgeon pretty regularly, about every 2 weeks after my surgery. This time it's been 2 months. Since he last saw me, I went through 6 weeks of physical therapy and my foot looks SO much better (not swollen, finally). It's still hurts at least a few times a day, but I tend to just suck it up. Nothing could hurt as bad as it did the 2-3 days after my surgery. Anyway, I'm excited to see what he thinks about it. Plus, he's really hot... that's always a bonus.

That's it for now. I'll be back tomorrow.

Sweet dreams,
-Miss Sarcastic

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