Monday, May 9, 2011

370 Days

...that's how long it's been since I've last blogged. Whoops.

If only I had the time to write about everything that has happened and changed in my life.

First and foremost, the guy mentioned in every previous post from here, shall affectionately be termed 'psycho.' Obviously, we are not together...hallelujah and thank You Jesus!

It's been a whirlwind of a last year, and last June-October was absolutely miserable. 'Psycho' went off the deep end last year and eventually I found out he was schizophrenic. Like, bonafide-schizo. Like, thinks-dead-people-would-call-his-phone schizo. You don't even want to know. He was also very verbally/emotionally abusive and through the help of friends, I was able to walk away at the end of September. Just in time, too, because Psycho got charged with aggravated robbery in Oct/Nov. I sure did pick winners, didn't I? Bahaha.

Last summer I was introduced to this little Eurasian WiFi cafe/yogurt shop on Northgate, called Happy Yogurt. It is owned and run by my now best friend and her mother, whom we call Momma. This place is awesome and has been such a haven for me. It's like your modern-day Cheers. There are a ton of us "regulars" (who we prefer to call Daylies), and it's always a good time in there. I probably spend more free time there than in my own apartment. Koda, my friend and the owner, is an amazing woman and she has done so much for me since I met her and I love her dearly. And Momma is simply the No lie. Coolest Taiwanese woman EVER. Just don't piss her off ;)

I started running in January this year for various reasons. For health, to push myself past personal limitations, to release stress, to have a productive hobby, etc. I ran my first 5K in April and it was amazing and I was very proud of my time and the fact that I ran all but one short portion...which was up a huge hill. It sucked. I was supposed to run another 5K a week and some change ago (April 30), but my foot was swollen at the time so I did not do it. It has since gone down and I've run once since, and my foot seemed to take it perfectly fine. Doctors tell me to not run and had told me that I would never be able to run again. But, what is life if you're not pushing limits? I would rather be as active as I can, and then be completely immobile later on in life, than to just amble on slowly and not be happy. I LOVE to run, and nothing is going to stop me unless God wills it so.

As previously mentioned^, I broke up with Psycho back in September. The months that followed were a much-needed rebuilding stage for me. I was so broken after 2 abusive years that I had a lot of personal work to do. I was propositioned for a few dates after I walked away from the Psycho, but I just couldn't do it. I wasn't emotionally capable. However, around December, a friend of mine talked me into joining eHarmony (something I NEVER thought I would do, ha ha), because she had signed up but felt embarrassed about it since there is still some stigma against online dating sites. She asked (and even PAID...I wouldn't have paid, lol) if I would join it so she would feel less lame about it, so I finally said sure. I didn't take it serious at all. Heck, I didn't even log onto the thing until February. I was tired of getting all these emails about 'matches', so I logged on and sifted through and just kind of played with it. Again, not taking it seriously. And then I saw this guy's "profile." Honestly? I first messaged him because he was extremely attractive... he had brown hair and blue eyes (my personal preference), and a gorgeous smile. We exchanged questions through eHarmony's communication process, and really liked the other's answers. Since the first text I received from Jason on Feb. 21st after we exchanged numbers...we have only gone 1 day without talking. Thank God that unlimited texts exist now days, because my monthly amount has gone from a 3-4K average, to about 7-8K. No lie. Oh...and as of May 3rd, he and I are in a serious relationship :).

We first met March 19, at the end of my spring break, and it was absolutely amazing. He is absolutely amazing. We saw each other 5-6 times after that, and pretty much were 'together' through April, but we never discussed what we were until last week. I've never been this happy with this area of my life, ever. I feel like he is gift from God... like I had to go through all the terrible pain of past relationships to be able to appreciate it when someone is truly good. And he so, so, so is. He is so sweet, kind, gentle, funny, smart, witty, and above all else...he loves God. He is everything I've ever wanted in a man and I never believed in soul-mates until now, as terribly cheesy as that sounds. We have so much in common that there is always something to talk about, and equally have opposite interests which means we're always learning and sharing with one another.

Aww...speaking of, he just popped up on facebook chat and sent, "muah!" He is so precious :) I don't think I've dated a guy who is so into showing me how he cares and feels about me. He is constantly telling me he misses me, how much he likes me, how I make him smile, etc. He has got to be the most affectionate guy I've ever dated...and the Lord knows I needed that. I was so broken after last year. It's like God gave Jason to me to show me what real feelings are supposed to be like. For the first time in a long time, I feel... whole. He is amazing.

...Did I mention that he's incredibly handsome? No? Oh, well, he's incredibly handsome :).

Until next time...which, I promise, will not be three hundred and seventy days from now.

--Miss Sarcastic