Monday, May 3, 2010

I sold my soul for a bottle of water today.

Well, at least that's what it felt like. $4 for a bottle of Aquafina is ridiculous. Thank you, Buzzfest XXIV, for taking my soul in exchange for a substance that covers a great portion of EARTH. It was wonderful of you.

So, as per ^, it's obvious I went to Buzzfest today. It was AWESOME. The weather was a perfect mid-80s, no humidity, and with a constant breeze. Sunny skies. The company was even better, as I went with my roommate/best friend/fiance (<--joke) Sarah, and my best guy friend, Andy. We had a blast.

The bands were all pretty good, too. Some great. We first saw Switchfoot @ 2pm on the mainstage. Then we waited a little bit for the sets to change, and we saw Deftones. After that, we headed to the sidestage to see 10 Years, who were awesome. Then we went back to the mainstage to see Seether, then back to the sidestage to see Sick Puppies. Aaaaand that's where we almost died. I've never been to a concert with THAT much crowd-surfing. A guy even got dropped on my head at one point. Ow. After that, we headed back again to the mainstage to see Three Days Grace, back to the sidestage to see a bit of Flyleaf, and then finally ended it at the mainstage to see LIMP BIZKIT. It was such a fun day.

Also, once again, I am saddened to witness what this generation claims as nice fashion. And just because you have something does NOT mean you should flaunt it, dear God. I saw some traumatizing things today...

Tomorrow will be long, too. Class at 11:30, work 1-5, then HvZ starts (well, it started at midnight, technically). We'll have the first mission tomorrow night sometime.

Busy, busy day/week.

Also, my kitty is so adorable. He crawled into my lap while I started typing this blog and he is not passed out. <3

Buenos noches,
--Miss Sarastic

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