Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shiver Me Timbers

First thing's first: I know I haven't posted in a few months. You see, the thing about being a college student who also works 20+ hours a week while taking 17 hours of mostly science-based classes is this --> you have hardly any extra time to do stuff. Facebook doesn't count: I can do it from my phone.

It's another lonely night. Sarah (<--amazing roomie) is in Austin for the night, and Kevin is at his house. The children are my company. Children = Buckminster (11wk old kitty <3), Henry (a slightly retarded dog), Tweak (a recently electrocuted cat who had a personality transplant), and Arcee [aka Lil' Girl] (our cute rat). I love animals. If I did not have them here, I'd be going insane since I'd be the only breathing thing here outside of the poltergeist that haunts this place. Do poltergeists even breathe?

I don't want the semester to start. I enjoy college station during the breaks --> it means that there is like 40,000 less stupid drivers. This greatly pleases me. I'm also taking some hard classes this semester... organic chemistry II aka 'hell' and calculus. I usually love math, but I have done no math since Fall semester of freshman year. Quite a bit ago. I wonder if I even know where my scientific calculator is...hmm.

Still thinking of a certain situation that I think I'm going to change. I've been praying about it and I really feel that the Lord is telling me to pursue what has been on my heart. I don't really feel like writing exactly what it is here, though.

Alright, sorry for the useless post. It's 3:06 and I can't sleep *cue Shinedown*. Seriously, though... I suppose I'll just take a muscle relaxer and some benedryl to sleep. HEY! Don't confuse me with a pill-popper. I'm under doctor's orders :)

Sleep well my children,
-Miss Sarcastic

ps - IT IS SO COLD! What is this thing you call winter and where did it come from? This is Texas!

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